Cloud Services

Cloud services offer a lot of advantages, but it’s important to have a reliable cloud partner that understands the limitations.

One size does not fit all. It’s important to look at the applications and business processes you run and how they will work on the cloud. LPS Integration customizes cloud solutions that best fit your business needs and support the most critical applications to run your business.


We call it ATLAS. This custom-built cloud solution, architected by LPS’ leading engineers, combines our public cloud offering and LPS Managed Services. ATLAS was designed to eliminate shadow IT and provide the orchestration required to manage customers’ complex cloud environments. Learn more about ATLAS here.


Enable your IT department to become its own private cloud broker. LPS cloud architects set up on-premise IaaS, built on enterprise-class infrastructure, to live in your own datacenter and assure that your environment operates at peak performance.


Take the applications and workloads in your private cloud and tap into the public cloud for additional resources. This cost-effective, pay-per-use service lets you right-size your resources, from compute, to networking, to storage.

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