Pulsed Managed IT Services

Pulse is LPS Integration’s exclusive managed services offering, allowing customers to outsource various IT management responsibilities to our trusted team.

Pulse_whitePulse Managed Services is exclusive to LPS Integration and addresses all of your day-to-day IT management needs, allowing your staff the freedom and flexibility they need to work more efficiently and focus on big-picture initiatives.

Our highly capable team staffed with world-class engineers is your resource for implementing and managing your IT infrastructure. No matter your business requirements, the Pulse team delivers a service that is unmatched in the industry.

Pulse Managed Services Overview


Pulse Managed Datacenter supports your in-house IT staff. As comprehensive solution for server and network elements, customers are given access to certified LPS engineers who serve to monitor, manage and maintain your company’s server network.


As a comprehensive solution for workstation, server and network elements, Pulse Managed Workplace is a complete maintenance and support solution supported by LPS engineers. This all-inclusive solution makes us your IT department, supporting physical and virtual desktops and providing critical end-user support. It includes essential services such as unlimited Help Desk support, emergency after-hours response and quarterly business reviews to ensure our management of your IT workplace stays in line with your business goals.


Pulse Managed Service Desk provides clients with the support they need to solve IT challenges. Our staff receives ongoing training and certifications so they are able to provide efficient resolutions to technical issues. The Pulse Service Desk team becomes the single point of contact for your staff, resulting in less downtime and more productive users.


Whether your phone system is hosted in-house or in ours, Pulse Collaboration Services takes care of everything from delivery and installation to ongoing support. The financial benefit of this investment is such that the purchase of your phone system becomes an operational expense rather than a complex capital expense. With capabilities including unlimited remote Help Desk, Cisco Voice Collaboration maintenance and support services, and complete monitoring of your system and its performance, Pulse Managed Collaboration Service enables your business to improve collaboration with customers and business partners across your entire enterprise.


Whether it is a natural disaster or a power outage, Pulse Backup and Disaster Recovery employs a preemptive strategy to ensure that your business remains operational, despite unforeseen circumstances. Pulse protects your data through secure, encrypted methods of backup and replication, providing you with the assurance that your organization will remain responsive during any crisis.


For fully staffed IT departments, Pulse Infrastructure Monitoring monitors your network devices and provides valuable (and vital) insight to the performance and health of your infrastructure. With our constant monitoring of your devices, this service allows your team to be proactive in dealing with IT challenges, minimizing service interruption and optimizing performance.


Our Hosting Services are truly best-of-breed and one of a kind, having been architected by world-class engineers specifically for our valued clients. ATLAS, what we call this premiere cloud solution, is built on EMC, Cisco and VMware technology. It’s backed by LPS‘ strategic partnerships and award-winning engineering team. ATLAS is a public cloud but also offers the capability of being constructed into a hybrid cloud. Key features include cloud migration and cloud assessment.