ATLAS Cloud Services

For some companies, public clouds are a no-brainer, particularly if you don’t have large investments in data centers or the staff needed to run them.

Atlas_4While SMBs have more restrictions on their IT budgets, enterprise organizations have complex, heterogeneous environments with years of legacy hardware and software, tons of existing infrastructure, and cultures that are accustomed to owning and controlling all of it. In order to accommodate the multitude of storage and hosting needs for enterprise organizations, public cloud service providers are implementing new services that allow these companies to build hybrid clouds.

In response to the increasing demand for an accessible Hybrid Cloud offering, LPS engineers have architected ATLAS, a uniquely-designed platform that is redefining the cloud space and providing users with the highest performing infrastructure available today.

Benefits of ATLAS:

Flexible Configuration Options

Custom Server Sizes

Predefined Server Sizes

Multiple storage tiers to fit your needs

Storage Options Include:
– Extreme (solid state)
– Performance (15K SAS)
– Capacity Tiers (10K SAS)

Professional Support

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud Migration

A solution that keeps you in the driver’s seat