• I would recommend LPS Integration to anyone based on that fact that they are the whole package. They have the engineering team, they have a knowledgeable sales force that works directly with the engineers. They don’t just sell equipment. They know how each piece comes together and they work with large and small clients alike. I would feel confident telling anyone that LPS is going to take care of them. To download full video for the Heritage Medical Associates Case Study click here.

    Drew Haege
    Drew HaegeHeritage Medical Associates
  • “On a project this big it’s really important to have the right partner. LPS Integration came in and they delivered everything they said they’d do. They were patient with us, very responsive to the needs of our users, and did a great job managing both the physical move and the data migration. They even helped us with the Exchange data migration, which wasn’t part of the original plan. We have a great relationship with them.”

    JOHN GRIFFEYIS division manager for enterprise services and network security at Metro Nashville ITS
  • “Typically, we have to plan on new software taking several weeks to a few months to deploy. We’re now expecting to bring that down to a few days or even several hours. The cost and time savings for that alone will be huge for us.”

    MIKE STANLEYIT administrator at UT-Knoxville
  • “LPS Integration had exactly the expertise we required. We were implementing specifically for a new Citrix farm, so we knew their understanding of both technologies would be critical to our success. They developed a plan that would make the transition relatively painless, and would deliver the type of ROI we were looking for. It was an easy decision.”

    RICHARD BAILEYExecutive Director of Infrastructure Operations at PruittHealth
  • “We were getting to the point where we weren’t going to be able to get the job done much longer, and LPS Integration helped us get it done very quickly. This whole new approach to our business continuity strategy has just been a home run for us.”

    JOHN WYATTLochinvar’s Vice President of Information Technology