The Challenge:

Physicians at Heritage Medical Associates needed 24/7 Access to patient charts. Their previous IT platform was limited and not 100% reliable. They needed a solution that was dependable, and a trusted Cisco partner who could seamlessly implement the solution from end-to-end.

The Solution

The Cisco Unified Computing System™ is a next-generation data center platform that unites compute, network, storage access, and virtualization into a cohesive system designed to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase business agility.

The Results

—Better patient care
—Improved doctor/staff user experience
—Improved network uptime
—Reliable Implementation

Who Is Heritage Medical?

Heritage Medical Associates is the largest independent multi-specialty physician’s group in Middle Tennessee. They have 14 offices located in Nashville, Bellevue, Franklin, and many other cities throughout the state.

The Challenge:

For nearly a quarter of a century, Heritage Medical Associates has been known as a first class provider of health care services throughout Middle Tennessee.

In order to maintain its reputation and stay on the cutting edge of technology, HMA had to address a number of behind the scenes technology challenges within the organization. First and foremost, it wanted to provide its physicians with 24/7 access to patient charts and information.

“We’re not a 24 hour organization,” says Drew Hague, Heritage Medical’s IT Director, “but we have physicians that work after hours and if a patient calls, they need to be able to get into that chart immediately. So, we had to have constant uptime. Downtime was not an option.”

As a result, Heritage Medical Associates turned to Nashville based LPS Integration, their technology partner since 2007. They chose LPS not just because they knew their environment and the company culture, but because as Hague puts it, “they are more than just an IT reseller. They are a true IT partner.” Hague adds, “They work with us from the beginning to the end of every project. They don’t just put together a proposal and sell us a bunch of boxes. They systematically go through each step in the process so we don’t have to play a guessing game throughout the project. They actually know how to implement the technology and make it easy to understand.”

Garrett Guess, the IT Project Manager for Heritage Medical, agrees.

“What’s nice about working with LPS is they provide the full source portfolio of the solution, whether it’s compute, storage, networking, they have the engineers that are able to provide the entire solution for us. Guess adds, “They tell us what we need, and then they have the project management and actual engineering expertise to deploy those solutions.” He says, “it really just makes us comfortable knowing that they do this with many different companies in the area and we feel like they are a leader in the industry.”

The Solution: The Cisco Unified Computing System

The solution that Heritage Medical Associates chose with LPS was the Cisco Unified Computing System platform.

Hague says, “We chose the Cisco UCS platform because it’s highly reliable, it never has any downtime, and it’s a known entity within our environment. We’ve worked with Cisco for years. We know that their technology is dependable.”

Hague also says, “One of the best things about the implementation has been that the doctors know that we have a reliable system, they know that they can take care of the patients. So, the patients in our community are being well taken care of, we have the scalability to grow as the community grows, and we can increase our footprint as needed with easy to scale technology.”

The Results:

The results of the Cisco UCS implementation are being felt throughout Heritage Medical Associates. As Hague puts it, “Heritage Medical is much better off since the Cisco UCS implementation. Our platform now is reliable, dependable, and the doctors have better access to patient charts than ever before.” Guess agrees, and adds, “After the implementation, IT leaders, physicians, and just general leadership of the company are able to sleep better at night knowing that in case of a data center failure, or anything of that sort, we are actually continually replicating our data and we can actually keep going strong.”

Partnering With LPS

The success of this project has only strengthened the long-time partnership between Heritage Medical Associates and LPS Integration. It’s a relationship that that has been built on innovation, trust, and an eye towards the future.

“I would recommend LPS Integration to anyone based on that fact that they are the whole package,” says Hague. “They have the engineering team, they have a knowledgeable sales force that works directly with the engineers. They don’t just sell equipment. They know how each piece comes together and they work with large and small clients alike.” He adds, “I would feel confident telling anyone that LPS is going to take care of them.”